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Edgar Cayce Reading 1688-9: Know that the fault we find in others

Originally posted on Jan. 6, 2015

Think on This...

Know that the fault ye find in others is a reflection of a fault in thyself. Be to others just as you would have others be to thee, and ye will remove much of that.

Edgar Cayce, Reading 1688-9

Working the knowledge of this quote alone can elevate us to new heights. I know it may sound impossible, or extremely difficult, but nonetheless try this... Every time you catch yourself drawing mental conclusions, and using explicit adjectives in your head to analyze someone, reflect that to your interior mirror and see where this applies to you also. Do the same concept with the emotional body. Observe the triggers somebody else activates in you, and then try to find what parts of you create the same emotional triggers. Apply this not only to what we call "bad" or "negative" thoughts and emotions but also to what we normally call "good" and "positive" emotions.

At some point in your life... once you've applied this with discipline and continuity, you will have to make a decision about “who you want to be" and what your ideal is towards your brothers and sisters, towards others, towards Life, and towards yourself. This is the crossroad where you decide to exemplify that we are all One and connected energetically on so many levels -- or that we are separate, with no visible influence or connections and everyone is a man unto his own.


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