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Edgar Cayce Reading 4999-2: Lemon Juice Therapy

Sept. 24, 2022


The juice of a fresh lemon was sometimes recommended by Edgar Cayce to improve circulation, assimilation and elimination. Here are some simple instructions given by Cayce for using lemon juice as a therapy:

"Immediately on arising [in the morning] roll a lemon and cut in two. Eat a portion of it - without salt - half of it - all the juice from same - then walk just as far as possible, AWAY FROM THE HOUSE - not so far that the body is not sure of making it back, see? When the body has returned, sprinkle salt on the other half of lemon and eat it. Then drink ALL the water POSSIBLE following same. Not before, but AFTER the last half is eaten. Then sit down, or lie down...Continue here THE EDGAR CAYCE HEALTH DATABASE

MWL - As for myself,I take natural bottled mineral water whenever I do my morning lemon juice therapy, which I do 1-2 times/month, or less frequently depending on my body's intuitive needs.
In addition, I use quite a bit less lemon since I have a tendency to be very sensitive to acids.


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