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Edgar Cayce "Think on This" Reading 1311-1

Originally posted on Nov. 18, 2014

Think on This...

Because others have neglected or do neglect or mistreat or take advantage, know that if ye rail on them ye are creating poison within thine own system. But if ye do not rail on them, it turns upon THEM! But BLESS them, rather.

-Edgar Cayce, Reading 1311-1

We all at one time or another have found ourselves experiencing an emotion where we feel neglected, mistreated, cheated, or taken advantage of. Based on my own methods, one way to apply what Edgar Cayce expresses is to understand that the objective and the opportunity is to first experience the deep disturbance one feels, and then work with blessing and loving that disturbance -- and completely feeling it... and eventually releasing it like a dove, transformed into patience and love. The transformation comes from an understanding that all is within perfection; this means, you can say to yourself, I know God has a broader view than I do and thus I have faith in his strategy to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. I may not understand his full moves or agenda, yet there is trust within me that he knows what he does and how he does it.

I remind myself to feel content with knowing the experience is a lesson brought onto me for the opportunity to become a walking image so that "they" can see and have an imprint of what they, too, can become and do... as each of us can be, and are, an example to another.

Let's all make this the desired "homework" for today in this classroom of life!


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