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Embracing Your Reflection: The Power of Mirror Work

MWL Sep. 6, 2023

I was first introduced to Mirror Work through my mentor and teacher Dr. Estrada over 30 years ago. His was an advanced level of Mirror work. He had a small one-person booth at his medical clinic. As students and disciples, we would sit inside the booth that was totally lined with black fabric and pitch dark inside for about an hour. We would face a full length mirror and after about 10 minutes or so you could faintly make out the mirror. As we focused on that mirror, we would let thoughts pass by and would try to keep our minds as clear as possible.

The objective of this exercise was to pierce our inner realms and senses so that we could eventually activate our 3rd eye to perceive the images from the mirror, and thus move further to awakening one’s consciousness and one's Self-Knowledge.

This month, Dominica shares her basic introduction article on Mirror Work. Enjoy.


When did you last look at yourself in the mirror and genuinely connect with the person staring back at you? Self-reflection in front of a mirror often reveals more than just a physical image; it can uncover a deeper connection to our inner selves. In this article, we'll explore the profound practice of Mirror Work and its potential to unlock Self-Discovery, foster self-compassion, and heal emotional wounds.


A mirror's reflection is not merely a reversed image of our physical form. To see ourselves as others see us, we must position two mirrors diagonally to create a right-angle reflection. This seemingly simple act reflects a profound truth about self-perception; it's multidimensional and often complex.

Mirror Work is a transformative practice introduced to me by Louise Hay, that uses mirrors as tools for Self-Discovery and healing. It invites us to gaze deeply into our own eyes and speak affirmations that nurture self-love and self-acceptance. Mirror Work offers a pathway to connect with your higher self, fostering moments of revelation and truth. It begins with learning to love and compassionately view oneself, a crucial step towards extending the same compassion to others.

Many people find it challenging to look in the mirror without feeling discomfort or self-consciousness. I've found it to be especially true for teens, and some men and women. For some, it's a matter of not being willing to confront themselves. Yet, a consistent practice provides an opportunity to confront unresolved conflicts or grudges. By looking in the mirror and saying, "I forgive you" or "I release this burden,” we can start the process of forgiveness, both for ourselves and others.

Understanding oneself is an ongoing process. We constantly change unless we become mired in unawareness and disconnection from our bodies. Such patterns can obstruct the body's communication, leading to sickness and disease. Mirror work can serve as a tool to break these patterns by bringing awareness to the present moment.

Practical Mirror Work Exercises:

Affirmation Mirror: Stand before a mirror, look directly into your pupils and recite positive affirmations tailored to your needs, such as "I am enough" or "I love and accept myself.”

Inner Child Healing: Address and nurture your inner child through words of love, comfort, and encouragement.

Body Positivity Mirror: Embrace, touch and appreciate your body as it is. Express gratitude for its strength and resilience.

Gratitude Mirror: Reflect on the positives in your life. Express gratitude for the people, experiences, and opportunities that shape you.

Feeling Infinity: Look into your eyes and let thoughts pass by. Allow all feelings that surface to flow through. Observe where it takes you. Journal afterwards.


As I mentioned before, Mirror Work is a profound journey of Self-Discovery and self-compassion. By embracing your reflection and practicing these exercises, you can start to unlock your true potential, heal emotional wounds, and cultivate healthier relationships with yourself and others. How we feel about ourselves dramatically affects what we focus on and what becomes reflected from other selves.

So, the next time you stand before a mirror, consider the depths of your gaze. It might be the beginning of a beautiful journey towards Self-acceptance, Higher Consciousness and healing.

With reflection and self-love,


MWS Apprentice


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