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Exercise - Unity of Oneness

MWL Mar. 6, 2015

We no longer can live as if our world, our future, is ours alone. It belongs to everyone.

Let’s do an exercise to help fuse the higher mind and the lower mind within. In order to help each other, we must enter the realm and space of another but first, we must enter our own separate, individual spaces and realms within us.

As you become aware of breath, say to yourself the following words:

“I know we are One in purpose, in direction, in way of thought, in Being. We march forward not separate—but united in all concepts, just like every blood cell marches to its own rhythm within the Oneness, and at the same time flows to the concept and rhythms of the Oneness.

“Each cell within me right now is aware of its Beingness—both in separateness within its world of light, and in unity to the world of light of the Oneness. Likewise, I recognize and I am aware of my separateness in body within this world of light—and I am also aware of the unity and Oneness with all."



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