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Greetings for the New Year 2015

MWL Jan. 13, 2015

About five years ago, my teachers of the Upper Realms taught me that the United States will be the seed ground and will lead in the spiritual change that is among us. Just as we seeded and innovated many industrial and technological ways for the last century, so will those of this land of the Turtle—which is now on its transformation to the land of the Hare—seed and innovate the New World to come. The seed will be planted within the blueprint of the Earth’s mental body. This seed and blueprint carry the genes of unity. It brings the strands of separate light into combined awareness, combined breath, and combined concept of “Who We Are.”

Major shifts and very strong energetic movement commenced on a metaphysical level about two months ago, and this movement and change will continue particularly over the next three months. It is possible that all this action from these other spheres and dimensions can translate into physical disturbances of our Earth. It will undoubtedly translate to the continuing of major catalytic world and personal events within the first three months of the year, and this busyness will continue to provide much distraction, commotion, growth, challenges, and activity upon the mental, the physical, and the spiritual plane for many individuals for the remainder of the year.

This year may feel daunting, wearing, that we’re falling in disrepair—but that is far from the truth. If you can see beyond the fog, you will notice and see that the light of unity, and not of separateness, will start or continue to awaken in each of us. Part of this new flowering is that we will begin to realize that it is not only the responsibility of our nation’s leaders, nor leaders of corporations or government to display words, knowledge, and direction for building our future for the good of all; but it bears on each of us—yes, you and me—to come forth with our part and contribution to the wellness and healing of our personal Being, and then bring that wellness and healing to the world.

We start these adjustments and calibrations within our inner world, then we move on to our family and friends, our neighborhood, our community, our nation, and then the world. We each have an essential role in bringing joy and peace to the New World in a manner that demonstrates true understanding and love. The accompanying result is release from spiritual, emotional, and mental enslavement. In this way, we will bring forth upon Earth the birth of true individual freedom and liberty for all. Hallelujah!

There is a New World among us that sparkles with joy.

Search within the calm heart and the beautiful mind

for the New Lands to discover, navigate, and explore.

Reach for the balance within the Divine Being you are

and let’s together create this sparkling New World

not just for you and me,

but for the souls and children

of today and of tomorrow.

Happy beginnings, Grateful challenges, Joyful endings, and much Growth for 2015.


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