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Greetings: Newsletter April 2024

MWL Feb 15, 2024

About a week ago, while still half asleep, I began to greet the morning and my beloved Higher Self when a wonderful Chakra practice emerged that I’ve since been implementing. I’d like to share it with you.

First, I want to express that I find myself in the midst of an intense recapitulation of the past, present, and future. It's not an easy task for any of our bodies, and in my case, the physical body bears the brunt of this process of resolution, integration, and initiation.

In such times as this, when one faces a barrage of life assignments, tasks, and lessons from the school of Life, it becomes imperative to carry one's spiritual and metaphysical toolbox and wield its tools to stay afloat.

These tools are simple yet potent: maintain optimism, refuse to entertain negative sabotaging thoughts, smile inwardly, stay centered amid the chaos, laugh, breathe deeply, anchor in the Here and Now, trust oneself and trust in the divine, believe in the power of love, keep a happy and humorous heart and embody an open, all-encompassing love stance to receive and manifest one's desires.

While these may seem like easy words to say and write, behind them lie years of conscious dedication and consistent application to every moment of one's day. Through the cultivation of spiritual and metaphysical habits acquired over years of practice, the thread of resilience and transformation reveals itself, enabling one to navigate and transcend any adversity, discomfort, or pain with more grace and ease.

I embarked on this journey of initiation and Kundalini awakening over 18 years ago. I now find myself in the final stages of this process, and I’m wielding the tools I have learned. I take this opportunity to ask for your healing light, love, and prayers for stamina, endurance, and resilience on all levels. I deeply appreciate it.

OK, now on to the practice. First, I explain the Chakra exercise, then I show examples of words you can mentally say.

  1. Begin by tuning into your 1st chakra (Root) and mentally affirming "I have". Infuse gratitude and thankfulness into about 5-8 aspects of your life.

That first morning, I gently pressed my palms to my mattress, invoking "I have, thank you, in gratitude" energy. Then, I extended this gratitude to the air I breathed, to my apartment, then to different parts of my body, and finally to the sun.

2. Shift your awareness to the 2nd Chakra (Sacral) and mentally declare "I want". Invoke the energy of asking, knocking, seeking, and desire as you articulate your requests.

I desire optimal health; balanced vitamin and mineral levels; strength and equilibrium in my digestive, muscular, and skeletal systems; increased vitality; joyous peace for all Beings; I want to be empowered by my experiences; I seek to expand my self-awareness and inner abilities.

3. Next, focus on the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) and affirm "I can". Harness the power of the will and manifestation as you declare your readiness to achieve.

I affirm my openness to healing; I can focus and embrace optimism, joy, and love in every moment; through my willpower, I overcome adversity and achieve my goals; I choose to infuse love, peace, and joy into each moment; I learn and grow from my relationships.

4. Shift your attention to the 4th Chakra (Heart) and affirm "I love”, as you embrace a Total Encompassing vibration of love within.

I open my heart to self-love; I am open to the energy and space of forgiveness from where I transform regret, remorse, and guilt into freedom and lightness; I radiate love, inspiring both myself and others with divine energy; I extend love to every part of myself and to my loved ones and to where ever I wish.

5. Move to the 5th Chakra (Throat) and affirm "I speak”, as you acknowledge the power, magic and force of the spoken word.

I focus on speaking with impeccability; I express my truth with creativity, love, and encouragement; I move away from self-sabotage and I speak my truth from a place of compassion; I harness the power of words to create beauty, harmony, health, peace, and transformation.

6. Focus on the 6th Chakra (Third Eye) and affirm "I see”, as you tune into your inner vision.

I see beyond the surface with clarity and minimal judgment; I embrace a wide, deep, and high perspective; I project love through my eyes, regardless of the circumstances I witness. I perceive the love present in each moment; when anger and fear are present, I see the opportunity to bring calm and peace to my inner world.

7. Finally, focus on the 7th Chakra (Crown) and affirm "I know, I am”, as you remember your divine essence and connection with all.

I ground myself in the knowing that anything is possible and that I hold the power of creation within; I choose consciously to contribute calm, joy, harmony, and lightness to humanity's collective consciousness; I am at ease with the creation that I am; I feel and sense the connectiveness and intelligent force in all; I continue to assess and bring into alignment my thoughts, words and actions.

So, there you have it. Take a few minutes each morning to do this exercise. You can use affirmations from other writers, such as Louise Hay, and use the words that resonate and flow for you. Make it your own, have fun, enjoy and observe the changes in your light configuration and vibration.

My Love and Joy

MWS Lizette


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