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Greetings: October 2023 Newsletter

MWL Sep. 19, 2023

Greetings to all:

It is important to be doing internal exercises and practices to fortify the emotional and mental bodies. Why? Because we know and understand that we are in the beginning stages of significant changes and movement within our human psyche, emotional fields and world events. These are no small shifts. The end result is a major transformation on all levels for everyone.

Because so many more changes and dismantling processes are ahead for us, it is essential to continue, or If new to Self-Discovery and awakening consciousness, then to commence the practices and exercises that build our resistance and fortitude to outside forces and events.

My mentor and teacher continually teaches to not get mentally or emotionally trapped with any circumstances, whether of a strain of perceived sadness, pain, difficulty or even high delights, success or joy. Buddha taught to remove oneself from any type of desire. LL Research-The RA Material teaches to continuously work on balancing pole opposites when it comes to feelings and emotions. Disciples, Masters and yogis work consistently and persistently to balance and dominate these forces and energies that surface within us.

Understanding that many more movements and shifts are to come on all levels, we must learn to navigate our mental and emotional terrain with the utmost equilibrium. Each person's effort to sustain this balance also helps sustain the etheric energies of the planet.

As my mentor and Samuel Aun Weor teach. "Coachman, dominate the untamed colt of the mind properly, so that It will not cast your cart into the abyss."

So, onward Spiritual Warriors, as this is the time and moment to exercise your personal will, inner strength and God-given fortitude. Do the work to be indifferent to failure or success, pain or joy or to any emotional thread attachments. In other words, maintain firm and centered in the eye of the hurricane. To do this, we must be dedicated Spiritual Athletes… practice, practice, practice, consistently and persistently! Be aware of your thoughts and emotions and align, align, align!

Happy studies and practice, my love and joy, MW Lizette


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