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Greetings to all from Bogota, Colombia

MWL Feb. 4, 2012

Hello everyone.

I'm in Bogota, Colombia and I'm delighted to report many wonderful changes since I was last here almost four years ago. The most important change is the removal or transformation of a heaviness, sadness, and dark cloud that I would always see and feel when I would come here. That cloud of energy has dissipated and it makes such a difference. On a physical level, the city has improved on so many levels and it brings me much joy.

I have also met on several occasions with my metaphysical teacher, Dr. Estrada, who is a living Bodhisattva. He is awake 24 hours a day, meaning he is conscious when awake and while his body is sleeping he is also conscious and aware. His specialty is cleansing Aura's through the method of an egg. He is able to assist many people with their emotional, mental, and physical problems. In addition, we have had the opportunity to talk and discuss the changes and growth in this year of 2012, and of the coming years.

It also has been a pleasure to see family and friends again, to taste and enjoy the delicious Colombian cuisine, and to have such delightful 60 to 70-degree sunny weather.

My Love and Joy to All


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