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Heart/Mind, Female/Male, Light/Dark

MWL Jan. 21, 2010

In my "Medicine Woman Speaks" 2012 workshop, I teach about where are we now in relation to 2012 and where we are headed. In these workshops, I unite the metaphysical, esoteric, symbolic, scientific, and religious worlds. I talk about the Heart and the Mind subject. Here's a condensed excerpt from last Sunday's workshop…

"....This new spiritual birth that I speak about, and the changes to come have to do with the Female and Male energies and their current activities. You see, with the new Spiritual Birth upon us, that birth entails a new relationship between Male/Female energies.

Some of you have heard of the Kundalini energy that resides within us. When awakened, it travels from the base of the spine up through the top of the spine. In addition, this Kundalini energy is present within each organ and system within our body, and furthermore, within each cell. Further out, this Kundalini energy exists within each city, each nation, each continent, and planet Earth. Further, still, our planetary system has this Kundalini force and so does the Milky Way, and so on and so on.

This force is what is 'moving.' This movement=force=change. That movement is the rising of the Female aspect within Kundalini, which is in itself a Female force. So what do I speak of here? I speak of the building blocks within all which are two energies, which is the dance of two forces, Male and Female. It's two strands of energies dancing, revolving side by side, as you see in a DNA helix. It's the Female/Male energy that together rise in the Kundalini force.

So the force surging through at this moment is the rediscovery of the Female energy, understanding its place, and understanding its role in nature. So let's look at this force that is now rising within each of us, on Earth and in our solar system, and beyond.

First, let's understand the role that each aspect of Kundalini plays. The Female, that is now requesting that we acknowledge, accept, and understand her, that is birthing upward to bring us her knowledge and to assist us through our delivery into the next world- She is the Creator, the Matrix. She sets the rules and determines the arena, the playing field.

You can say that when someone dies- physically leaves this world- the She Force has determined and changed that individual's playing field, and arena. She is the Queen and is represented on the left side of your body. Anytime you have issues with the left side of the body, it is the She aspect.

The Male aspect of Kundalini, that which has exhibited a major force within our history, that force now requests that we understand his loving partner with whom he dances the night away. He determines the moves within the playing field set by her. He indicates to us the direction, the steps to take in this dance of life. He is the King and is found on the right side of the body. Again, any dis-ease, pain, or problems in the right side of the body correspond to the male aspect. Remember though, there is further breakdown/division going inward...that is within each organ, system, and cell. They each have their own Kundalini with both Male and Female aspects. This applies further out from us as well.

So here we are! Today, we are being shown the playing field. She has created our new arena, He has indicated our path-the way-the moves within the game-board established by Her. The new way, the new world-what is to come will have these two aspects of Light in their respective order. She on the left- creator, and He on the right- right side of the Father, and child in the middle.

And guess who is the child? Yes, you and me!

How awesome and beautiful the child that understands and thus obeys. The Child looks to the left and sees Mother and knows the playing field and arena that he must work within. The Child smiles in joy, knowing its boundaries have been set. The Child looks to the Right and sees Father, and he knows the moves to make, and he smiles in joy and peace for this guidance. The Child knows and understands that he who sits at the right hand of the Father, not only knows the moves, but also the arena. He knows Her intimately. He understands the Left side. The Child now sees that they- M/F are One. Not separate anymore.

The New World is established. This is a kingdom where Male-Female are viewed as One, working together in synch. Our will then becomes His will. The Queen is now in her rightful place, the King continues in his rightful place, and the Prince/Princess now knows their true place.

All let's get back to Heart and Mind. What do we listen to? For a long time, we've only been listening to the Father aspect of the Heart, and only the Father aspect of the Mind. But here now, Mother comes into the picture. We now hear her voice and Father says- Listen!

Viewing the total physical body, the Male aspect is represented by the Heart. This may surprise you, but it is so. All along in our past history, we have been listening to our Heart and its passions. But now we have to go further- we are being asked to seek. And so we go into the Heart and listen to that other aspect that resides there- the Female voice. Merging these two energies, M/F, gives you the rising Kundalini within the Heart and the Heart becomes 'in love...alive’, and one becomes a Lover of li

Now the Mind. Looking at the total physical body, the Mind is Female. Within the Mind, when we look further, we find its partner the divine Male force. When we unite these two there is passion. There is love, understanding, and knowledge.

All have both Male and Female aspects. Our work is to open the doors within the Heart and Mind so that both are in balance, their rightful place, in a state of peace and love. The Child- you and I balanced in the middle- become the new Creator. This is what changes our complete Being, our species, and elevates us to what we are to become.”

In her workshop, Lizette taught how to recognize and balance these Male and Female energies.

For starters, look at how you view your physical mother and father, and how you translate those feelings, thoughts, and emotions of Mom and Dad to other aspects of your life. (Both inward and outward.)


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