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It’s important to understand…

MWL Jan. 1, 2014

It’s important to understand where we are headed in terms of change and growth in the world. Remember and recall...

"and thank God it is so. Nothing will be left unchanged.

We march to a new order of harmony - or have you not noticed - that many believe there is disorder and little joy in the present order of things. And so yes, we march pulling with all our might and strength as we drag in the change. The order in the areas of: law, economics, education, legal system, our profession, philosophy, physics, metaphysics, animal kingdom, archetypes, sports, cooking, eating, entertainment, death, living, breathing, celebrating, crying, rejoicing, rules, politics, regulations, guidelines, our work, socializing, meditating, yoga, prayer. . . will change. What is really occurring is a necessary and optimum alignment.

These are beautiful times as we experience the contractions of a birth to a new grade of consciousness.

Prepare yourself for Who We Are destined to Become.”

Photo by NASA on Unsplash


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