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Jan. Newsletter Greetings: A Fruitful 2024

MWL Dec, 2023

Well, here we are, swirling into 2024. As you may have expected, we will continue with major changes and shifts along with fortification of the forces that encourage us to let go, adjust, and be open to new ideas, thoughts, paradigms, and structures. There is no escaping the Spiritual Adolescence energies hitting planet Earth and all its inhabitants at this time. As such, we must expand and grow mentally and emotionally. We must find new innovative and sustainable economic, political, educational, health, and social structures. There is no way around it!


I perceive that AI will assist in bringing us cleaner technological energy processes, systems, and inventions. We will move to more efficient EMFs that are much less harmful and health disturbance-provoking than the current man-made EMFs. The seedlings for all this will start in 2024 and will continue to build in the coming years. For this, I am grateful since the current man-made EMFs (that is electromagnetic frequencies from cell towers, cell phones, Bluetooth, Internet, Smart appliances, satellites, computers, medical equipment, electricity, etc.) create major unrecognized and unseen disturbances, not only in our biology but in the biology, of all living things, including mother Earth. Once we resort to less harmful communication systems and implement methods of energy and electricity with the knowledge attended from the upper realms, we will then satisfy the needs of planet Earth.

For 2024, make it your resolution to move beyond your comfort zone in learning and absorbing new knowledge while working as usual to tame your inner realm… that is, your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Most of all, move beyond your comfort zone in the realm of love. Go ahead and open up to incredible levels of self-love as you work to join both the dark and light, the male-female, the adult and the child within you. View the world with eyes that infuse your current moment with the healing energies of hope, faith, peace, joy, and love, no matter the struggles, pain, or difficulties that swirl around you!

Here is to the New Year and may it be a fruitful year in your gains of the heart, awakening of the mind, and optimal health.

My love and joy.


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