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JIM CROCE - Which way are you goin'

Mar. 4, 2022

Excellent video and words for these

times of war that we find ourselves in.

In these times of war, choose a path, and may it be the path of love, joy, and peace. Even more now, the importance of consciously making the effort to make a choice. So, take a few moments on a daily basis and with a heart filled with compassion, move away from protruding anger, blame, or fear, and make the choice to bring light and love to the situation. Make it a moment to enter the Holy Temple of your Soul and to bring in the Divine healing light and love so that it flows through the darkness and heaviness that surrounds our individual mind, our human consciousness, and the planet’s mind energy field.

Bring that Total Encompassing Love to the war situation without any personal force to try to convey the direction of this Divine love/light. It will know how to best work the moment and the situation. Your task is simply to clear your heart and mind, tap into glorious Divine Total Encompassing Love, let it filter through you, and then send it out to the world as a gift towards building peace.

Enjoy and move forward in adding your grain of salt towards world peace.

Jim Croce’s first song on this youtube video lyrics is in reference to this post.


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