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Laughter factor

MWL Dec. 17, 2020

The "laughter" factor is an important part of your Medicine Bag or Spiritual toolbox. Laugh often, laugh at yourself, at life, at the silliness and paradox of it all. Find the humor in and in between your moments.

The oldie but goody CANDID CAMERA is one of my favorite programs and is this episode with Woody Allen and a secretary. It is hilarious.

Eight months ago, I was in the extreme heat and intensity of my internal work and I needed some medicine to cope and move forward. I started to simply pretend to laugh and to make myself laugh. I forced my belly muscles and forced the laughter up and out my throat and mouth. It worked. I ended up truly in laughter and it was so strong, I ended up with tears from the mere force of the laughter. I applied it continuously for the following weeks, making my spiritual contractions much, much easier.

Laughter is medicine!

Use it often.

Enjoy this candid camera episode.


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