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Videos: Laughter-Medicine for the Soul

MWL Jun. 3, 2023

I recall reading about an individual that once discovered he had cancer, he decided to watch funny movies, commercials, sitcoms, etc., throughout his remaining days. Eventually, what ended up happening is he healed his cancer. I do not doubt this, as laughter is Medicine for the Soul and by significantly changing one's light configuration can make the survival of cancer cells impossible.

Photo by Dan Cook MC auAnBJeig unsplash

I teach my students a technique to activate laughter. You start by tightening the stomach muscles in a pulsating manner, (just like when you laugh) while in your throat you forcefully sound out the ha, ha of laughter. Usually, within a few seconds, you start laughing, especially if you do this at the same time with someone else.

Continuing with the theme of laughter, here are a few Youtube links that I hope activate the laughter in you as they did in me.

The laughter is contagious even if you don't understand everything I said.

A cute, witty video that will bring a smile to your face.

Happy waves of laughter.


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