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Let's Recall the Realm of the Infant

MWL May 3, 2015

5/3/15 – Bogotá, Colombia

My apprentice Kelly and I went to an artisanal market near Santa Barbara Mall. It was a sunny, seventy-degree day as we walked down the cobbled pathway, where there was a good-sized crowd, some folks sitting having coffee, others out for a simple stroll, while others mingled among those selling their wares. I zoomed into the cry of an infant, and I saw a mother holding a child about 2-4 months old. Mom and her other family were right next to a cello player playing classical music. I felt the infant's anguish in my mind and the infant’s discomfort in my heart. Again, I see and encounter many scenes where the actions demonstrate we have forgotten Who We Are, what our essence is about, and the ways of the law.

I call upon all parents, all grandparents, all uncles and aunts, to recall and remember Who We Are. If you do, you will recall and remember our essence – our ways within the laws of time and space, and you will be able to act appropriately within these laws. This infant was way too young to be outside among the crowd, among the everyday noise that we as adults have already developed the body strengths to sustain ourselves in our daily conundrum. The mother may think this “beautiful classical music” was wonderful, but she was right next to the musician. She has forgotten and does not know or realize, that her child has not yet developed the subtle bodies to be among such activity. She has forgotten the laws. She must remember that even if she does not experience the trauma, the shock, it does not mean her infant does not. She must remember that the infant is not completely developed on many levels, including its subtle body. She has forgotten that this child has sensitive hearing way beyond what she has developed. In addition, this child is extremely sensitive to vibration way beyond what most of us can recall. So let’s learn, and move forward, in remembering these facts that are truths within the realm of the infant, of the child.

I share with you a quote that I wrote about this in my book “Life is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand.

Recall child – the realm of the newborn and infant. It is important to remember their realm – as we fault in thinking their realm is the same as the realm of the adult. The newborn and infant have to develop subtle exterior parts of the Self, and as such do not have the proper build to be among much movement, sound, people, activity, and noise upon birth. I’ve seen newborns in grocery stores and among crowds, infants around six months old at major swim meets, and at various other events that are loud and of much action, movement, and noise. A slow and gradual introduction to the infant’s new world is best. The child is aware of the finest of movement and subtlest of noise that you have forgotten. Recall, so as to not further debilitate the child’s development. To the infant, our daily routines and social encounters are overwhelming. Do not push to accommodate man’s time upon the infant. Easy does it. Instead, introduce your child slowly upon this world so as to allow nature’s time to develop properly and firmly the various subtle bodies of the child. Remember – recall.

Here are some guidelines to help you apply the knowledge within this area we speak of.

  • For the newborn – Remove yourself from the push to introduce your infant to your entire family and friends.

  • Avoid taking the newborn and the infant to malls, grocery stores, restaurants, and activities where there is a crowd or other type of busy action or noise, whether natural or manmade. Wait for the child to slowly develop its defenses to its new world.

  • Household noise levels should be kept low and to a minimum. Play music at a lower volume than normal.

  • A newborn should always be easily introduced to the outer world. This should take from six months to about a year and a half for a phase one level introduction.

May the children be bathed in love, and may we adults give them proper learning, proper knowledge, and proper love.


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