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Life/Death Transition Sessions

MWL Jul. 7, 2022

One type of Metaphysical Life Coaching & Healing Sessions I provide are for those individuals in the process of Life/Death Transition. These sessions are incredibly helpful during this important stage in life. Please share this information with anyone who is in this process.

Yes, Life is a stage –

A stage where our story is forever being acted out.

Physical death is part of this story.


When we die, there is a birth elsewhere, and much occurring in between. Likewise, there is more to the continuity of Life after death of the physical body, than most folks can come to understand, conceive or believe. Very few people can transition from one scene in life to the next in a conscientious manner. That is, being aware that the physical vehicle is disintegrating, then stepping away permanently from the physical vehicle, and then being aware of the new scenery, movement, and continuation of the new play in Life. If one can raise one's overall body vibration, we can move through this transition in a more joyous state.

Just like when we are born, death itself is a momentous and special moment. It is a major event not only in the lives of friends and relatives of the deceased, but an incredible journey and a moment of tremendous healing and balance for the person who has transitioned. Yes, death itself is a healing event.

I have been blessed with several interesting, distinct, and mystical near-death experiences, three of them very laborious. I have always been at ease with death. Somehow the reality of everlasting Life has always been undisputed in my heart’s mind.

About 15 years ago – as I journeyed through the Dark Night of the Soul and just prior to my initiation into the world of a Medicine Woman, I found myself in that space and time where I was ready to expire. The previous time, over twenty years ago, was also very close. This time though, I was just a string pull away from death. I remember that day very clearly – every detail, sensation, and thought. I surrendered as I lay in my bed, completely relaxed and calm. This surrender meant bathing in the complete essence of being unattached to the outcome of "anything can happen" – and entering the realm of "do as you will, I am yours.” In these moments, one is filled with total peace and calm. Such is the true surrender. Not knowing what will occur – yet knowing that all will be well.

I obviously did not leave my body that day. After this near-death experience, my Kundalini awakened. Soon after I started my initiation as a Medicine Woman, upon which all this knowledge and information opened up to me. The continuation of Life was even more apparent, interesting, and fascinating in my eyes. I started to offer Life/Death Transition Healing Sessions for pets. Thereafter I had the opportunity to assist friends, family, and students as they transitioned.

It’s unbelievable the busyness, dedication, effort, diplomacy, structure, laws, and guidelines that are in place within other dimensions and realms regarding the transition phase at death. A lot of eyes turn toward a soul during this time, and I am continuously amazed at the confirmation of the value and worth that is placed on the transitioning soul. More goes on that can ever be expressed in words. We may believe in our hearts and minds of the universe’s love for us, and of the continuation of life, but to see it, live it, experience it, feel its validity, and be a part of it is another thing entirely!

These sessions focus on preparing on a metaphysical level the physical body for its disintegration, and on fortifying the Life-continuing bodies, that is, the emotional, mental, etheric bodies, among others. The goal is to assist the individual in increasing and sustaining vibrational levels to optimize the journey and entry into the next realm. The higher and more solid the overall vibration and the firmer and less distorted the various aspects of the individual, the easier the letting go and the more welcoming the birth into the next world.

I am always learning about the complexities and beauty of Life through these sessions. Being able to assist someone in their birthing process is invigorating, and instead of negating Life, it affirms it even more for me.

Sessions are also available for pets who are in transition.

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Photo by Oyster Haus on Pexels


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