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Major Energy Light Configuration Movement

MWL Dec. 22, 2014

The recent upward rise in energy

On Friday, December 12, I felt a strong light configuration shift within my body. It was pronounced enough that I had to halt the work with my assistant for the day. We were in the middle of finalizing my upcoming book and other computer-related projects when the shift suddenly happened. I felt it completely and totally on the left side of my mind/head. I say “mind” because the shift was within my etheric field, and it reverberated within my physical body.

For the remainder of the day, I was pretty much in a cocoon while the work and the settling process of this light configuration occurred. I could not speak—in this stage, one does not need nor feel the want to speak anyway. I slept a good portion of the day and through the guidance of Spirit, I worked on my physical body in the same manner as when I conduct an Aura Clearing or Life/Death Transition Session for a client. I was basically out of the regular, current daily earthly life commission for four days.

I’ve gone through this many times before, particularly during my Medicine Woman initiation, so I recognized the pattern and knew what to expect and I have learned how to embrace the experience. If one is not accustomed to these events and has a lack of understanding or experience, or the mind and/or emotional body configuration is geared towards fear—one can stop this process of growth due to misunderstanding. It can at times cause blockages and it is a clear sign that one needs to work with one’s thoughts and emotions and elevate them to a higher vibration. In this process of Self-work, one has to let go, convert, transform, exchange, or negotiate the movement away from “heavier” emotions and thoughts to those of a lighter configuration.

Normally I feel the energy shift or surge coming “down” from the upper and “in” from the outer horizontal planes, and then bleeding over into our sphere and dimension. On this particular occasion, the light was emanating up from Mother Earth.

The earth is female in a physical sense, and in a metaphysical sense has both male and female aspects just like we do. In this case, the energy configuration that shot upward and forward was female, coming from a female figure—Earth. This makes the rising energy a double female energy. The double female burst of energy indicates strong shifts in paradigm, and concepts, doing away with the old and bringing in the new. The focus of this double female energy gravitational pull always originates in, and is of, the “mind.” The change and shift starts in the metaphysical, unseen worlds first, and then it permeates over to the physical.

Based on previous experience, my conclusion is that this shift is radiating and available worldwide, and in this case more specifically, sprouting from within different planes of our Mother Earth.

I surmise that this upward light burst will offer plenty of changes and growth opportunities to each of us, as well as externally within the planet for the coming year. I get a sense that movement may be most pronounced during the first three months of 2015. In some ways, we may feel like life is testing us to see how we respond to events and our emotional and mental feedback; some of you may have already been feeling the rustling and building-up of this energy for the past month.

As far as what to expect, my guess is that two routes will emerge quite visibly on an individual level:

For those metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric students and adepts, one may start to experience an expansion of the mind—that is, a higher understanding and awareness; an increase in sensory acuteness; and feeling emotionally unbalanced for some time, yet feeling clear in the mind. This energy shift can also bring further mind/body/heart connection and awareness. Additionally, it may be possible that this energy will reverberate within the tectonic plates of Earth, causing some action/movement, which again seems geared toward the first three months of next year.

For those still encased in unawareness, any shift upwards can prove quite distressing and difficult, both mentally and emotionally, particularly if fear is prominent. Anger can strengthen the speed and depth of the struggle.

In either case, the idea is to become a joyful student of Life, to awaken more to the concept of “Who We Are,” while being playful and loving towards God with the events and experiences sent our way.

Happy growing!

My love and joy

Medicine Woman Lizette


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