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The Condor Returns

MWL Apr. 4, 2017

Hello Everyone. I've been incommunicado for some time and the moment to surface has arrived.

2016 was the year of tremendous shedding, releasing, and letting go of emotional binds, mental configurations, and material possessions in my life. I understood that others were faced with the same wave in 2016. It was another growth spurt like I've experienced before, yet different catalysts emerged, new frontiers to cross arrived, and the challenges that are inherent in spiritual growth spurts were present. Most of the time I was able to observe myself objectively and clearly, but there were those moments of intense physical fatigue and moments of negating and stubbornly refusing to relinquish what the moment was clearly pointing out I had outgrown and needed to let go. Decisions and particularly choices as to the path I wanted to walk and the person I wanted to become and be were continuously being presented, molded, and made.

Photo by Abhishek Singh on Unsplash

The push of this segment of transition began at the end of 2015 - 10 years to the month when I started my intense, mystical, powerful, and very much (alive) walk through the Dark Night of the Soul. The emotional heart area charges were reinforced again this time around so that I could work on the required releases and necessary alignments. My physical body was slammed at pivotal times but I managed to "resurrect" each moment and continue forward. The biggest change was my move to Medellin, Colombia in August. This was a huge undertaking. Any move can be quite stressful and fatiguing even if you have someone pack, move and unpack for you. Moving within your current surroundings is one thing, moving to another state is more complicated, and moving abroad is a whole new ball game. I sold most of my belongings and left behind my daughter and soon-to-be-born granddaughter. In addition, as I did 5 years ago I took residence in a city that I had never been to, nor had family, friends, or connections. I was born in Bogota the capital of Colombia and my family, friends, and memories reside there. Such are the pulls of the heart upon the soul. Sometimes I look back and wonder about the things that occur to me or that I end up doing.

So I made it! I finally made the journey after 2 previous flight attempts and two trip cancellations. I could not complete the magnitude of details, tasks, effort to sell, give away, coordinate what I was taking and how to ship abroad, and simultaneously deal with the emotional, mental, and physical disturbances and releases and the weight of such a move. After all, I was leaving my Fatherland of over 45 years and I did not know if or when I would be back. Many folks would comment about my return to my Homeland. I would reply that both are my homeland. The U.S. is my Fatherland and Colombia is my Motherland. I carry them both very close and dear to my heart. This is not an easy step, but one that time has allotted as necessary and right for the action, and that I could feel very distinctly was the course my world was to take.

So I settled very nicely in Medellin. Of course, there was much effort, moments of feeling completely depleted and consumed trying to find a place to live, furnish, and settle in. Beautiful synchronicities occurred, friends were made, the weather is - oh so very nice - and to my liking, air pollution is an issue, the fresh fruits and vegetables are a delight, and the people have their special and unique warmth and friendliness.

I keep marching on with my work as a Medicine Woman, and now that I've settled into my place I'll be starting workshops in town. Meanwhile, I'll keep working one on one with students and those individuals who need my services for Metaphysical and Spiritual Life Coaching, Ceremonial Healing Sessions, and Life/Death Transition Sessions.

Hope your dance with life has been in joy and love, no matter what circumstances have entered your life or what pulls within the extremes of emotions have activated within you. Remember, we are here to learn and to advance in our evolutionary journey while being in joy with the moment's experience. This is not a call of non-action or to remove oneself from pain, but more a call to action out of a place of love for the other and oneself, no matter the circumstances swirling around us. If each one of us can follow this simple recipe, the world would be a more welcoming, comforting, and enjoyable place to explore, dance, and play in God's playground of life.

In love and Joy, Medicine Woman


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