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Managing Our Emotions

MWL Nov. 14, 2015

We either manage our emotions or our emotions manage us.

Today, find the strength to work with your emotions. The first step is to simply recognize them entering your Holy Temple (physical body). To do this, become aware of breath- focus on the breath as you become a silent observer of what you're sensing, what you're feeling. Be aware of the emotional response within your body and how and where it activates in your body. In addition pay attention to where the emotion enters and funnels through the body... Does it start in your head or heart area; do you feel it in your stomach or do you feel it actually entering through your feet?

These are the first steps to understanding yourself and getting to know "Who You Are" and start to become intimate in knowing the different aspects that compose "Who You Are". Learning to work with our emotions allows us the opportunity to transform our emotions and thus become conscious co-creators.

The final rainbow of transforming our emotions allows us to bring peace to our personal Kingdom, and then as each individual obtains internal peace, one by one we will light up the world and there will be peace here on Earth. Amen.


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