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Michael Klinkner: 4 tips for setting personal boundaries

Aug. 25, 2022

MWS: Excellent material from @michael_klinknercounseling on Instagram! I agree, boundaries are a must, not only outside of ourselves, but WE MUST also learn to put boundaries within ourselves - (those inner voices). This brings about the development of inner confidence as we self-manage ourselves, thus creating a path towards emotional & mental maturity and strength. Thank you, Michael. (Spiritual Warriors and students working on Self-Discovery and knowing how imperative it is to place boundaries and limitations and all levels, take note of the basics Michael presents here)

Michael Klinkner: Setting personal boundaries is a crucial aspect of mental health and well-being. Boundaries not only help you but also those around you because when boundaries are clear it will help people understand your limits, allowing them to adjust their behavior.

People who do not respect your boundaries are people you may not want around you. It is important your boundaries are clear and communicated. And remember to never be afraid to say “no.”


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