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Michael Klinkner: When we aren't emotionally validated as children

Originally posted on Apr. 8, 2022

EXCELLENT MATERIAL FROM @michael_klinknercounseling on INSTAGRAM

We are known as the Children of the Realm pretty much by the entire Milky Way galaxy. And this is for a good reason. We are currently children entering adolescence within the natural evolutionary movement of Life. This same process has occurred millions of times within the scope of the universe.

As Michael points out, “being understood is key to feeling connected and supported”

Each one of us needs to employ this information and these techniques not only with our earthly children but certainly with ourselves and with each other.

As I've said before you need to become intimate with your thoughts and emotions to understand yourself better. Understanding and knowing yourself more, allows you to understand others more.

These are the first steps we need to integrate so that we can create peace in the world as we show and employ empathy and compassion along with right wisdom with others.

Happy discoveries and learning in your journey.


"When we aren't emotionally validated as children, we can miss out on things that are supposed to help us grow into healthy adults.

- Validating your child doesn't mean

- you agree

- you’re giving in

- they’re "winning"

Validation lets someone know they're understood, and being understood is key to feeling connected and supported.

Here’s a few phrases to try out:

~"It's okay to feel XYZ."

~"It must be very hard to feel this way."

~"I hear you. I'm here for you."

~ "I feel like this too sometimes."

"What I hear you saying is..."

If you identify with any of these thoughts as an adult, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were emotionally neglected, but it may be worth talking to a therapist about.


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