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Osho: Mind/Heart

Mar. 31, 2010

Mind can give you a good livelihood, but not a good life. Heart cannot give you a good livelihood, but it can give you a good life. And there is no reason to choose between the two: Use the mind for which it is made, use the heart for which it is made-OSHO

Apurva posted this on her FB. As more of you open up to the Spiritual doors, it is important to understand the Mind aspect and its role along with the heart. I advise not to leave either one out of the equation, as the way is to join both in force. This is the power, the way, the new marriage. Below is my response to Apurva's post.

Apurva - glad to connect with you. I am going to use the quote you have from OSHO. It is great. This is exactly what I teach. Many spiritual people think you use the heart only, and that is not being grounded solidly and completely. The Mind is what is in His image. The reason, the intelligence must be employed. The God Mind portion, moreover so than the simple mind, is what needs to be tapped into and used as our guiding light, connected with the marriage of the heart. These are the esoteric teachings that now surface again for all to learn and apply.

My love and joy


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