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Our Future - Prey to the Darkness

MWL May 5, 2015

5/5/15 – Bogotá, Colombia

Decide not to fall prey to the darkness that wants to consume us.

Rejoice in the moment that builds our future. Many of you speak of the sparks that are appearing, and the path that is awakening. May you no longer focus on the words that follow the brethren that shout and announce the calamities of the world. If you carefully pierce through the veil and look, you will see the Christ-mass lights of our Tree of Life, one by one awakening to the sparkle and light of our hearts. Focus not on the one incident that shadows the glory upon our earth. Focus on the flower that blooms, the child that smiles, the refreshing rain, the loving gesture, the joy and righteousness expressed by another, the beauty, fragrance, and taste of our vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Worry not about what others do that causes pain in your heart and in the hearts of others. Instead, use that energy to propel yourself to focus on your moments of growth. This growth includes returning to union with your internal father. This growth is about connecting again to the source and having continual communication, guidance, and rapport with your heavenly father. It means turning and transforming the pain of what you see and hear into a motivator for you to brighten the space within and around you. Yes, you must brighten, love, and give sparkle to your internal world, internal Kingdom, and then you can pass on and share and give that sparkle to the one next to you... through a smile or simply by sending a warm glow of love and light to them. Decide not to fall prey to the darkness that wants to consume. Become the incredible and beautiful creator you are. Take your pain and convert it to the energy that lights up the world. You are a Being beyond the ties that want to bind your hands, mouth, and feet. Have the courage and seek the courage to break through and lead through your way of righteousness as guided by your heavenly father. You cannot fail. Follow the star that leads you and you will find the child Christ in your heart born again.

May peace touch your spirit and kiss your wings of love. My love and joy


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