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Our Primal Programming - Master of Ourselves

MWL May 6, 2015

5/6/15 – Bogotá, Colombia

Looking out my third-floor window onto the rooftops of the other homes, I observe with much love and joy the daily routines of many birds. I have seen that a pair of doves have a nest in a particular tree, and so does another pair of birds. I have been watching them gather insects. One bird in particular, with a yellow beak and about three times larger than a sparrow, likes to rest on a rooftop spot right in front of me, before moving on to its nest. Perhaps making sure the coast is clear before heading to its precious home.

Today I saw a sparrow working hard to catch some flying insect, and just as it sped away with the insect in its mouth, the bigger bird I had been watching daily chased after it. My interpretation was that the bigger bird was after the sparrow's catch – as the food seemed to be a big prized insect. I immediately connected to the concept that I find of much interest, and that is related to effort and expanded energy. How we all want to achieve things through the least amount of effort and work – and sometimes in the animal kingdom, that entails the desire to take from another. Again, remember: What we see in the animal kingdom also applies to us. It is not that the bird is inferior to us, and thus does these things, but rather we encompass the same primal programming, and our work now is to be conscious of this and to have the control, and supremacy, over this ingrained aspect within ourselves. Notice how I said "within ourselves," and not that we try to have supremacy or control over another. Many in history have confused this concept. Today, may you observe yourself with total love and joy and when you find yourself in those emotions of the animal kingdom such as fear, the concept of not having, the concept of separateness from another, jealousy, or greed... simply acknowledge it, know that it is a primal programming and that this is what you have to work with. These primal energies either control you, or you control them. Start to learn to be master of them. Remember, this means the master of yourself, not master of others. This was Hitler's confusion. May we take the efforts and work of his life so that we can learn from his experiences, and not repeat this confusion or misapply this concept.


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