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Potpourri: World Events - Macro and Wide Lens View

MWL Feb 26, 2024

Looking upon the home and international scene, everything seems to be busy in the realms of disorder, disruption, and power. We can arrive at this conclusion due to the fact that we can hear and see a wider complexion of our world than ever before.


Yet, disorder, disruption, wars, hunger, and the fight and race to conquer for supremacy have always been part of our history. The rise and fall of nations, empires, and the reorganization of the geopolitical scene are nothing new. The struggle between separateness and unity has been embedded in the fabric of our psyche for a long, long time.

Before 60 years ago, we could not see, hear nor witness the movements of struggle, joy, beauty, fear, and anger, nor what was occurring in every corner of the world with a macro and wide lens view like now. Today we can tap into an assortment and multitude of any individual’s story, whether fiction or not. A story is a story and just how accurate it is to the moments happening are always questionable. Intention and perspective have weight and can fluctuate. So does the filters and mindset of the listener of the story have considerable weight, perhaps even more than the storyteller.

A Spiritual Warrior is always looking out for any energy patterns within the self. We must also look into the energy patterns of our world history so we can “see” higher, wider, and with more depth. So we can “see” the game plan and we “can” move into the path of discovering what the pattern is trying to reveal to us. Just then can we go about adding our token of peace to our inner and outer world. 

Awakening consciousness, and understanding the game plan will be more important in the coming 10 to 11 years.

I will continue this important thread in the next newsletter of July.


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