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Quote for the Moment: Decide to No Longer Carry the Burdens

MWL Dec. 3, 2014

Decide to no longer carry the burdens of your experiences -- Instead, rejoice in the intricate weaving presented to you

for the sole purpose that you may strive, observe, see, register,

and learn the miraculous and beautiful workings of that moment.

What I mean by the message above: When we feel heaviness from any experience in our life, we need to sit with breath and realize that the reason we are here at this moment on earth, is to experience, to feel, and to expand and uplift the vibration of our mind and our emotions.

If we take a heavy experience and work in accepting it and reflect and shower with love, then we slowly start to pierce through the corners to find the rays of sunshine and light... so that we may see the true meaning and the higher truth behind that "difficult, burdensome and heavy" experience.

Through the guiding light of God, and through his hands of love, we will slowly and eventually transform our original interpretation. We will then find the true meaning and the true love in that moment lived.

May today you exchange the chains of heaviness for the lightness of the light and love found right around the corner.

My love and joy


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