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MWL Jan. 7, 2013

If you look for the root cause of racism you will find and you will see that no one is exempt from being both prey or predator to the seed cause of this concept.

We have disguised this word to conceal a portion of truth of Who We Are.

We employ racism even against love itself making it exclusive.

If we truly seek and truly desire peace in our personal and private life, we must comprehend Who We Are at levels higher in understanding than the general conceived, outdated, and stale perceived worldly consensus. If we so dearly seek and want true peace on earth, we must awaken to our potential of creating this peace on earth.

But first, you must recall and awaken to dormant aspects of your Being, and you must burst into your deepest, forgotten, ardent divine desire of that Lover of Life that your soul so fervently is waiting to become and perhaps only so vaguely you can consciously perceive.


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