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Removing Ourselves from Emotional and Mental Traps

MWL Aug.18, 2015

We must remove ourselves from the emotional and mental trap that keeps us stuck in doing those things that no longer serve us for whatever mistaken reason. At its depth, usually the reason is for self-preservation in the face of what we believe is a threat to our survival. So move forward in beat to the beauty of Who You Are, and when you feel or sense that you do not fit in or agree with certain things, ask yourself: Is it because I am viewing this issue from a narrow perspective, or from a wide-angle view?

If you observe yourself when you are in a narrow perspective, notice how it almost seems as if you are watching a movie from inside your head. In this view, our options are limited, and we don't take the full opportunity of the moment for what it is. Immediately become aware of breath, and that will open the curtain; and proceed with a few diaphragm breaths, and with a focus on observing the panorama that's in front of you -- top to bottom, left to right. This assists in helping us get unstuck from the ingrained habits that no longer serve us.

As always, it helps to incorporate Self-Discovery techniques that I've shared with you before -- such as being aware of emotions, where they enter your body, getting to know the emotion instead of closing the door on it, embracing it, sitting at the negotiating table with it, transforming it, etc. Keep the practice and keep the joy and love in your work.


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