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Self Love

MWL Sept. 15, 2015

Begin patience and gentleness with yourself. Loving ourselves takes time, patience, and effort. We can master gentleness when we consistently apply it to ourselves. We can learn to be at ease and to feel content, safe, and strong when we consistently apply these concepts within our inner world.

You would think that loving ourselves would come naturally - which it does - but somehow the flame, slowly but surely throughout the years, begins to dim. My experience has been that love of the self is the number one ingredient we so deprive ourselves of.

When you hear a voice saying negative words to trap you into believing you are worthless or you should feel less than the Holy Spirit you are - bring in the loving voice, the soothing, calm voice that contradicts what you think you are. Begin to recall the light and the beauty that you are.

Keep up the work. Keep the love.


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