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Sexual Arts: Breast Massage

MWL May. 20, 2023

Whether male or female, feeling at peace and comfortable with your body is important for overall sexual health, a fulfilling relationship, and experiences with your beloved.

Breasts can be seductive, life-nurturing, mounds of pleasure, and a life force magnet. Embracing them completely, no matter the design, ensures we continue to move forward in embracing our individuality and uniqueness.

My apprentice Dominica wrote the following introductory article on breast massage for women. It provides an avenue for women to touch, caress, nurture, acknowledge, accept and love their bodies, as this is essential on a spiritual level as well.

Happy Self-Discoveries. May you continue to fall in love with yourself

so that you can become the greatest lover of life!


Breasts. They are diverse in shape, size, color, and sensitivity. Yet, all too often, they are reduced to mere playthings or objects of dissatisfaction as we yearn for them to conform to societal ideals or fit into fashionable attire. However, my dear Soul, your breasts are much

more than that. They are the sacred gateway to your inner Divine Feminine, embodying your unique Goddess and Shakti energy. Nestled beside your heart chakra, they hold the power of love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, a genuinely miraculous gift.

It is time to redefine your relationship with your breasts, release the grip of societal expectations and embrace them as they are: perfect embodiments of divinity. Instead of ignoring them or wishing for something different, let us embark on a journey of sacred connection, self-love, and profound healing.

Today, I invite you to explore the practice of breast massage from a Spiritual and Chinese medicine perspective. Beyond its aesthetic benefits, breast massage offers a pathway to deeply connect with your body, nurture your overall well-being, and embrace the wisdom of your divine essence.

From a spiritual standpoint, breast massage establishes a sacred connection with our bodies, honoring them as vessels of our divine essence. By directing our attention to this often-neglected part of ourselves, we create a space for healing, self-love, and self-acceptance to flourish.

In traditional Chinese medicine, breast massage promotes the smooth flow of Qi and blood within the breasts, preventing stagnation and maintaining overall health. Stagnant Qi and blood can contribute to various breast-related concerns, such as pain, cysts, and imbalances in the reproductive system. By incorporating breast massage into our self-care routine, we can restore balance and harmony to this vital area of our bodies.

So, how can we approach breast massage from a Spiritual and Chinese medicine perspective? Let's explore some fundamental principles and techniques together:

1. Intention and Mindfulness: Begin your practice with the intention of acknowledging your body's inherent beauty and sacredness. Cultivate mindfulness, directing your awareness to the present moment and embracing self-compassion. It is a time for honoring and celebrating the divinity within you.

2. Gentle Touch and Qi Activation: Employ soft, circular motions, gently massaging your breasts clockwise, starting from the outer edges and moving inward towards the nipples. Doing this aids in stimulating the flow of Qi, promotes lymphatic drainage, and reduces congestion or discomfort. As you touch your breasts with tenderness, envision love and healing energy flowing through your hands.

3. Emotional Release: Allow yourself to experience any emotions or memories that may arise during breast massage. Embrace them with compassion and acknowledge their presence, understanding that releasing emotions can contribute to your well-being. This practice can also be an opportunity for emotional healing and growth.

4. Herbal Infusions and Oils: Embrace the wisdom of traditional Chinese herbs in your breast massage routine. Consider incorporating herbs such as Dong Quai or Dandelion root, known for their nourishing properties and ability to support hormonal balance. Infuse your massage oil with these herbs or utilize natural oils like sesame or jojoba, which provide lubrication and nourishment to the skin.

5. Energetic Visualization: During the massage, visualize healing light or divine energy flowing into your breasts, infusing them with vitality and love. Imagine your breasts as sacred portals, connecting you to the cosmic energy of the universe. This visualization can deepen the spiritual connection and enhance the energetic benefits of the practice.

6. Self-Appreciation and Affirmations: As you massage your breasts, engage in self-appreciation and affirmations. Speak words of love and gratitude to your body, acknowledging its strength, beauty, and sacredness. Affirmations such as "I embrace and honor my Divine Feminine Essence" or "I am worthy of love and self-care" can enhance positive energy and deepen self-acceptance.

7. Ritual and Sacred Space: Create a ritualistic environment for your breast massage practice. Set aside a dedicated space where you feel comfortable and at ease. Light candles, burn incense or play soothing music to cultivate a serene atmosphere. This sacred space is a container for your self-nurturing practice, allowing you to immerse yourself in the experience fully.

8. Regular Practice and Intuition: Make breast massage a normal part of your self-care routine. Consistency is crucial in reaping the spiritual and physical benefits of this practice. Listen to your intuition and adjust the techniques to suit your needs and comfort level. Trust that your body knows what it needs, and honor its wisdom.

Remember, dear Soul, that your breasts are not mere objects of desire or dissatisfaction. They are sacred vessels, conduits of love, and channels for healing energy. By embracing the Spiritual and Chinese medicine perspectives on breast massage, you can tap into their profound wisdom and experience a deep connection with your divine essence.

May your breast massage practice be a beautiful journey of Self-Discovery, self-love, and empowerment as you embrace the divine within you and celebrate the sacredness of your body.

With boundless love and admiration

Medicine Woman Apprentice



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