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Sexual Arts: Higher Truths

MWL Mar. 28, 2023

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

As with any topic, there have been distortions, distractions, and deviations from the pure light and love of this magical light configuration and majestic realm. As we enter individually and as a whole more and more into Spiritual Adolescence, we will open up to higher understanding and truer knowledge of the beauty and force of the masculine/feminine energetic magnetic fields. We will learn how through sexual union and in communion and intercourse, we can propel ourselves into the realms of Total Encompassing Love, completeness, and wholeness.

We can also learn to work and use the power of the nectar of this union to our advantage for alchemic purposes and for arriving and entering the doors of heaven while here on earth.

It is important we learn these higher truths of the Sexual Arts since we are spiritually coming of age, and it is even more important to live and express our experience of heaven with our words, thoughts, and actions while here on earth.

We can become pristinely focused and intentional gods and co-creators through the Sexual Arts, through sexual magic, through the awakening of the Kundalini Princess and then we can create a path of power, service, and love in the name of Unity, Oneness, Brotherhood, and Cooperation and we can awaken heaven here on earth individually and collectively.

This is one of the keys to becoming a spiritually mature, peaceful, power-enabled adult and contributing a grain of salt toward peace in the world.


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