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Some of My Favorite Things....Flannel and Lined Blue Jeans!

MWL Dec. 10, 2009

Some Of My Favorite Things…

Fleece or flannel-lined blue jeans!

Winter is here, at least in Chicago, and it is important to be aware, listen and monitor your body’s temperature. It is the perfect opportunity to comply with your body’s needs. Listen to the messages the body communicates to you about feeling cold. Sounds simple, yet many times I observe people as they ignore their body’s message that it is cold. I’ve seen people do the “Winter Cold Dance,” You know, shoulders shrugged, goosebumps on their faces and necks, hands tucked into their pockets, body swaying back and forth and feet gently tap dancing. Many folks doing the “winter cold dance” actually say that they are not cold. Either

photo L.L.Bean

they truly are not conscience that their body is cold, or they have made the choice to ignore and not listen to the messages being communicated. This is wear and tear on the body and a refusal to act upon the moment. It is avoiding what is, and numbing the body’s abilities and capabilities. The body is communicating how it feels and what it needs because it knows that cold for the body is not optimum for its function. So here is an opportunity to begin to apply internal awareness, practice listening, acknowledge, accept, and connect with action by doing what needs to be done to keep the body temple warm and happy.

* Add lightweight polyester, smartwool or silk thermal underwear to your winter attire and you will keep nice and warm and your legs and body will appreciate the love you are giving them.

* Polyester instead of cotton thermal wear? Cotton is too thick making it less comfortable, and with your body’s moisture and perspiration the cotton stays wet and you stay cold. Polyester dries silk and smartwool dries quickly.

* Where can I get the lined blue jeans and thermal wear?? L.L.Bean, Eddie Bauer or Amazon.


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