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Some of My Favorite Things: The Miracle Ball

MWL Jul. 22, 2016

Yes, another one of my Lifesavers for the last six years. There have been times when my body could not stand to be stretched, exercised in any way, or barely touched. The Miracle Ball Method helped me to start strengthening and getting my body used to physical movement again, slowly but surely. I started with short 30-second workouts. Eventually, I moved on and slowly began to move, stretch, and exercise my body more. This process took me about 3 years.

If you feel unable to do Pilates or any other major exercise, or you end up very fatigued after minor stretching exercises, consult your inner guides and doctor or physical therapist to see if they recommend this method for you.

This is great for anyone who works on a computer or uses a cell phone extensively, as it can help align and strengthen the body.

Fragment reading from Amazon "Take two-they're small. And they perform miracles. Suffering a career-ending, potentially crippling injury to her back and right leg, a young dancer named Elaine Petrone tried everyone from orthopedists to yogis to turn her pain and prognosis around. Nothing worked-until she healed herself through a unique program of therapy and exercise based around the use of two small, squishy balls. From there she turned her passion into a mission that is helping the thousands of people who visit her classes conquer pain, stress, and injury."


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