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Spirit Information...Braided Energy Band Around the Earth

MWL Nov. 5, 2009

I received further information a few days ago regarding the metaphysical braided energy band around the earth. About a year ago, it was explained to me how around the earth there is an energy band that consists of individual strands of energy pertaining to sexuality, money, and time. It was like a braid where the 3 strands of energy braided themselves into a ring around the earth. About a year ago that band started to slowly disintegrate. At some level, I felt it would be recreated at some point, but in what fashion, manner, or resemblance to the previous one, I do not know. Anyhow, a few days ago, to my surprise, as I was thinking about this information, I heard that that band was now gone... dissipated. I also felt with my heart and saw with my internal vision that this communication was accurate. I was surprised, amazed, and excited as it seems to me this occurred very quickly, much quicker than what I thought or expected.

So, let's keep an eye out for perhaps excitingly drastic changes within us, that is our internal world and the outside world ... the rest of our brothers and sisters. I am curious to see how long this disintegration, this holding together of money, sexuality, and time as we knew it will materialize in our physical world. I would love to hear feedback on your thoughts or experiences related to this..... meanwhile, enjoy the changes, look upon the journey we are on with fresh new eyes like that of a child in exploration, in wonder, in awe of this magnificent swirl of metamorphosis we are each smack in the middle of. How exciting! Enjoy the thrill of the ride, hopefully without getting too nauseous or feeling your stomach go up to your throat !!

My love to you


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