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Spiritual Warriors: Continue to Prepare...

MWL Jun. 24, 2022

Dear Spiritual Warriors of the Light, continue to prepare your inner bodies, to integrate with your beloved, to ground deeply, to align thoughts, words, and actions so you can continue to add your piece and grain of salt to the human bowl of world peace.

You know and understand these times. You understand the growth spurt we are in and the imminent incredible changes. And we need to keep preparing and adjusting within and without to accommodate and work appropriately with the changes.

We need to see the truth of how the world currently turns, and how we need to create, come up with and implement new economic, monetary, and community substance that is concurrent with our developing psyche.

I know you can see it, I know you can feel it. The opportunities are incredible now to grab the reins and work together to create a unified world. Step by step, one by one, you and I will light the Christ-mass Tree of Life, once more.

Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash


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