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The changes upon us - Prayer for the Texas Shooting

MWL May 26, 2022

Wake up, wake up!

As has been predicted for many ages, the world is currently undergoing tremendous, rapid changes since we entered the new light configuration with the Age of Aquarius about 60 years ago. This is physics and metaphysics. It means that the light that is shining on us has changed frequency and it now alerts us to the changes and transformations that are upon us. Light is the communication vehicle of the universe and it penetrates and infiltrates all that is. So there is a new light configuration frequency shining on earth right now that has never been before. This light communicates a message of great growth and change within our physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Planet earth has entered via this new light configuration into what I call Spiritual Adolescence, and by simple domino effect, so have we. And it is imperative that each one of us stand up to the plate and acknowledge this process that we are in and that has been spoken about that one day would arise. Some love the power and control over others by calling it the times of Armageddon or the Apocalypse. Perhaps others wanted to make sure the importance of this stage of evolution we are growing into is clearly pointed out, heeded, and understood, and so they used and use fear to make sure the point gets across.

Here is the truth:

The human tribe on earth is awakening and entering Spiritual Adolescence. No one and nothing can escape this. It is exactly like entering adolescence on the level you all know about, except here we repeat this process on a higher degree and level.

And I want you to know this... that this can be a joyous, incredible, fortifying experience. That we can rise to the occasion and allow ourselves to consciously become Who We Are - Children of God, of the Supreme, and of the Divine. As seekers of the truth we must learn to:

  1. Create appropriate boundaries and limits in our inner world.

  2. We must observe and point out our own inner discrepancies and we must align ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with our thoughts, words, and actions.

  3. We must believe in the essence of Who We Are so we do not fall prey to fear nor enslave ourselves to false notions of the lesser seductive path of evolution.

  4. We MUST awaken to who we truly are and set foot upon our Divine Soul.

New higher truths awaken and open up in adolescence. So it is in Spiritual Adolescence. Higher truths are and will continue to open up to us. And you must prepare yourself for this stage of your life. Just like your mother and father hopefully prepared you honestly without fear, shame, or guilt about puberty, I am here to prepare you with love, joy, impeccable word, my best wisdom, and deep longing and desire to motherly guide you and the world in this Spiritual Adolescence process. This is important because we need to build our New World, our future with a solid foundation and with boundaries that are crucial and critical in adolescents so that we can grow into healthy, strong, balanced, and joyous Spiritual Adults.

One by one, step by step, we will make it happen, because WE are here to MAKE it happen! We WILL re-write this story of love to have a joyous, amorous, giving, happy ending.

No more pulls and tugs and the balance WILL rest in the middle domain of the resurrected child that obeys the right side of the Divine Heavenly Father and the left side of the Divine Heavenly Mother.

Now let us pray in communion for ALL the gentle souls that have transitioned in the shootings at the Texas school.

1) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart

2) Be aware of breath

3) Feel solid feet connexion to where you stand

4) Be aware of breath and your physical body

Father, we ask that these gentle souls be guided to their new home with love and joy. May they awaken to loving themselves completely and totally, and accepting every dance and every moment of the written words they placed upon the records of time here on planet earth. May they reap all the fruits from their journey here on earth. We send our Total Encompassing Love and Light so that they may embrace the truth of Who They Are, thus melting into the beautiful vibration they have become so they can enter the new Kingdom that is being prepared here on Earth.

We ask in prayer that the love from your domain engulf and embrace those impacted by the sudden departure of their loved ones.

Father, from the depths of our hearts we ask that family and friends when they are ready, may experience the beautiful fact, the beautiful truth that they are not far apart from their loved ones who have transitioned, so that love can promenade in their souls, hearts, minds, words, and actions, and their pain can transform into true healing, true freedom, and true liberty.

We bless you father with the joy of your children.

Photo by USGS on Unsplash


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