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The Ego

MWL Apr. 1, 2010

It seems to me we have been bashing the ego a bit too much. After all, just like everything else, it has its purpose, place, and function. My view is that it has done a magnificent job in pushing us forward so we can address ourselves and it assists us in looking deeply into Who We Are.

I say, let’s not close off the door to this communication, but instead transform the ego to a higher state of Being. In a sense, we make it our ally instead of this dreaded nemesis. With this function in order, we establish a healthier, more stable, and balanced Being. Otherwise, it becomes another contention within ourselves; another unnecessary staged drama to play out. It seems to me that we have enough contenders to manage and deal with within us. Accepting the ego as a magnificent aspect of ourselves, and deciding to now take the lead to propel and push it to excel, to grow, and to become more than the state it is now, is more the appropriate approach for these times.


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