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MWL Oct.17, 2021

It's becoming that Spiritual Artist,

that Spiritual Warrior, that total

consuming Spiritual Scientist.

It's reaching for the determined and

persistent devotional athlete.

It's entering the Divine, accepting the mystical,

becoming the poet and touching the soul.

It's allowing the embrace of the child's curiosity

and becoming that insatiable explorer

to the call of the heart.

It's the animal beat that's allowed,

the reason that’s encountered and the

mysterious and unknown that is welcomed.

It's laying bare and naked to the anguish of the soul,

to the torment of the mind with the courage to

touch the fire of the deepest wounds and to look

into one’s face with acknowledgment and acceptance.

It's becoming intimate with ourselves and falling in love with ourselves

following endlessly that pulsating star, that performer that is insistent

to shine on stage as a Lover of Life.

The spotlight shines,

the music plays, the dance begins,

the love permeates and shivers with the insistence to feel,

to sense and to enter the womb of one's soul,

sustaining one as life releases the essence of Who We Are,

breaking down any sense of What We Are

to find substance somewhere

in that place of Where We Are.


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