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THINGS I LIKE... Massage

MWL Nov. 26, 2014

How about you? ... Have you gotten your massage today?

I believe everyone should get a massage biweekly at a minimum to maintain their overall wellness. Most of us are not aware of the multitude of communication that occurs within our bodies, and that the relay system is around the spinal column. A back massage helps with dissipating blockages, activating energy, and keeps the lungs and digestive muscles relaxed... and God knows with all the current anxiety and stress available in life's current buffet, most of us have very tensed back muscles.

Edgar Cayce recommended massage in many of his readings to assist many people with their overall wellness and balance. Check out more at A.R.E. (Association of Research and Enlightenment), an Edgar Cayce website, for more information on the benefits of massage. As far as my personal experience, massage was essential for me to heal, regain my strength, eliminate digestive issues, and increase breathing capacity. In addition, my guides confirmed for me the benefits of massage at this earthly level. They are the ones that pointed out the analogy of the spinal column being like a motherboard pole, with all the crucial electronic components of our system and a very important circuit board for our entire Being.

So for this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday -- go ahead -- treat yourself to a massage, and give the gift of massage to another!


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