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This is so important right now…

MWL Oct. 23, 2021

This is so important right now that I am reposting...

So how do we come together and work as brothers & sisters of this beautiful human tribe schooling on mother earth’s classroom?

How do we unite in purpose spread across the races, religions, sexes, beliefs, assumptions, notions, perceptions & desires?

How do we integrate this human tribe to point its compass as one unit of brotherhood & sisterhood with one heart facing and directed towards the North Star of our tribe?

How, how, do we move forward with all the promise that has been promised throughout the ages?

How do we break free from the grip and chains placed on our soul so that we can emerge from the shell of Venus into our rightful & powerful force that we are of the creation so that then we can manifest what is written in the glorious books of love in the creation itself and in our souls’ heart of heart’s?

And how do we walk united in purpose to gain our tribe’s power, as one company of souls working together to find, establish and enter the Promised Land, and become One Country and establish the One Nation of Peace?

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash


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