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Quotes for the Moment: As we move forward

MWL Feb. 2, 2015

As we move forward in knowledge and in alignment within our personal spheres --

So we will enlighten the heavens.

And someday not too far off, we the Children of the Realm will revolutionize the heavens.

We are living organisms that occupy space and time.

Emotions are also a living organism that occupy space and time.

Fear and anger come from love.

Love is everywhere.

And I am part of that love.

I work with Him

and He works with me.

I work on His behalf --

and He works on my behalf.

The question is not what emotions we experience, and which ones are good and bad --

but how we digest the emotional juices produced in our reaction to the emotion presented.

There must be a revolution in our hearts towards growth and towards walking in balance

and a revolution in our minds where we opt for a total breakdown to then reconstruct and rebuild with solid foundation and solid purpose.


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