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Work with your emotions - Soulmate

Originally posted on May 26, 2015

When you meet your soulmate, do not seek to capture this person, but enjoy and delight in their heavenly gifts.

Doreen Virtue, Messages From Your Angels

This is an important message, as most of us, particularly in a partnership, want to control and manage the other person. This urge that rises within us for controlling, for thinking the other person should think, say, and act as we want them to, is a messenger reminding us to look inward instead, and learn to work this rising force within us.

The first step as always is to be aware of breath and to start doing a few diaphragm breaths. The second step is to simply enter your current emotion and feel the urge to control, or the anger, worry, fear, or jealousy that rises within. Meet it, greet it, and get to know it. The next step is to embrace this rising force, be aware of diaphragm breath, surround that force with light, and then expel it through breath. The final step is to look at your loved one with new eyes of peace and calm. Open the heart, and then radiate love from your heart and light and love from your eyes to them.


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