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These Sessions will give you the tools and guidance to break through to new levels of Being and transform your life as you gain a deeper knowledge of your essence, potential, and power. 


I bring metaphysical and esoteric experience, knowledge, and light to your quest. I will guide you through your process of growth and transformation, whether through assisting you in aligning your thoughts, words, and actions, specific Aura Clearing, or through learning to recognize, confront, understand, accept and transform your emotions. In this manner, you can move towards mastering emotions instead of emotions controlling and dominating you. Whatever the case, these sessions will open a door for you to awaken the Healer within. They will help you expand your Spiritual Knowledge, your emotional and mental abilities, and intelligence, and will provide balance and alignment on many levels.


Review the session descriptions and see which one fits more with your current seeking, need and/or experience. All sessions are done via phone and are individually tailored to each person's needs and specific light configuration. Sessions are 1 hour long (some exceptions apply e.g. Life / Death Transition / Coma Sessions) and are recorded for you to review as needed. 

Sexual Arts: Beyond Tantric Lovemaking for Men (AZF)
Spiritual crisis
Fear anger and or anxety


Most of us are afraid of dying,

but the truth is we are afraid of living 


If you're experiencing cancer, these sessions are a great addition to your care whether you decide to follow allopathic or alternative treatment.


Metaphysically speaking, many cancers are brought about by some type of internal war manifestation due to disruption and incommunicado between and within the internal communication system of the Soul, Spirit, Mental, Emotional, and/or Physical body.


Our goal here is to bring about inner awareness, authentic communication, alignment, and changes to the different aspects and components of Who We Are, thus achieving and manifesting the desired balance for the physical body.


4 sessions minimum


The root cause of Parkinson's and MS has to do specifically with past lives. As such, we will work to tap into, bring forth, clear, and align those needed past life aspects with your present incarnation, bringing forth the desired breakthrough for physical balance and health.


4 sessions minimum


“In the struggle to control emotions that can be on the rampage, the Heart is sometimes  

described as a cremation ground.  The heart is where selfishness, hate, greed,

and jealousy are burned away so the heart can be filled with Light.


It is in the ashes of our illusions that we find truth.  

In the heart, we sacrifice whatever prevents the Light from emerging and shining. 

We do not need to convert from one religion to another; but rather we have to convert

the darkness held in our Hearts into the light and vibrations of love."

 Swami Sivananda Radha, Kundalini Rising - Exploring the Energy of Awakening

Are you finding yourself in a Spiritual existential crisis and feeling as if you are coming apart? Perhaps you find yourself in deep anguish with the religious learnings you have absorbed and a part of you wants to break free as you seek a deeper, more meaningful existence? These sessions will assist you in navigating this opportunity to walk the path of finding your personal truth, freedom, and liberty.


2-month commitment with

3 sessions minimum per month  


These 3 assistants aiding our evolution can slowly or suddenly erupt. As they continue to increase in force, they will continue to allow us the opportunity to further awaken to “Who We Are.” We need to start working consciously with these energy fields, as these forces propel us further along our path, particularly now that the Light Configuration of the Age of Aquarius is embracing us continuously with the purpose to accelerate our individual movement into Spiritual Adolescence.


These 3 forces can become so strong that they can overpower our sense of Being. If you are in such a position and are experiencing the force and “aliveness” of these Beings of anger, fear, and/or anxiety, in our sessions you will learn how to tap into, work, communicate, release, and transform these energies.

I experienced the depths of fear, anger, and anxiety to the point of perceiving and sensing the “aliveness and life force” of these energies, as this was part of my Medicine Woman initiation work, learning, and process.

2 sessions minimum


These sessions are for those serious Spiritual seekers and Light Warriors ready to continue redirecting their focus and time towards the study and daily practice of the Spiritual, Esoteric, and Metaphysical Sciences. You will learn to move more in balance through the turbulent and calm waters, and through the sharp and easy turns in your lifestream of this deeper quantum leap Self Discovery process.

6-month commitment with a minimum of 3 one hour sessions/month 


Yes, Life is a stage – 

A stage where our story is forever being acted out.

Physical death is part of this story.


When we die, there is a birth elsewhere, and much occurring in between. Likewise, there is more to the continuity of Life after death of the physical body, than most folks can come to understand, conceive or believe. Very few people can transition from one scene in life to the next in a conscientious manner. That is, being aware that the physical vehicle is disintegrating, then stepping away permanently from the physical vehicle, and then being aware of the new scenery, movement, and continuation of the new play in Life. If one can raise one's overall body vibration, we can move through this transition in a more joyous state.

Just like when we are born, death itself is a momentous and special moment. It is a major event not only in the lives of friends and relatives of the deceased, but an incredible journey and a moment of tremendous healing and balance for the person who has transitioned. Yes, death itself is a healing event.


I have been blessed with several interesting, distinct, and mystical near-death experiences, three of them very laborious. I have always been at ease with death. Somehow the reality of everlasting Life has always been undisputed in my heart’s mind. 

About 15 years ago – as I journeyed through the Dark Night of the Soul and just prior to my initiation into the world of a Medicine Woman, I found myself in that space and time where I was ready to expire. The previous time, over twenty years ago, was also very close. This time though, I was just a string pull away from death. I remember that day very clearly – every detail, sensation, and thought. I surrendered as I lay in my bed, completely relaxed and calm. This surrender meant bathing in the complete essence of being unattached to the outcome of "anything can happen" – and entering the realm of "do as you will, I am yours.” In these moments, one is filled with total peace and calm. Such is the true surrender. Not knowing what will occur – yet knowing that all will be well.   

I obviously did not leave my body that day. After this near-death experience, my Kundalini awakened. Soon after I started my initiation as a Medicine Woman, upon which all this knowledge and information opened up to me. The continuation of Life was even more apparent, interesting, and fascinating in my eyes. I started to offer Life/Death Transition Healing Sessions for pets. Thereafter I had the opportunity to assist friends, family, and students as they transitioned.


It’s unbelievable the busyness, dedication, effort, diplomacy, structure, laws, and guidelines that are in place within other dimensions and realms regarding the transition phase at death. A lot of eyes turn toward a soul during this time, and I am continuously amazed at the confirmation of the value and worth that is placed on the transitioning soul. More goes on that can ever be expressed in words. We may believe in our hearts and minds of the universe’s love for us, and of the continuation of life, but to see it, live it, experience it, feel its validity, and be a part of it is another thing entirely!

These sessions focus on preparing on a metaphysical level the physical body for its disintegration, and on fortifying the Life-continuing bodies, that is, the emotional, mental, etheric bodies, among others. The goal is to assist the individual in increasing and sustaining vibrational levels to optimize the journey and entry into the next realm. The higher and more solid the overall vibration and the firmer and less distorted the various aspects of the individual, the easier the letting go and the more welcoming the birth into the next world.


I am always learning about the complexities and beauty of Life through these sessions. Being able to assist someone in their birthing process is invigorating, and instead of negating Life, it affirms it even more for me. 

Sessions are also available for pets who are in transition.

1 session minimum and as needed 


These sessions will assist individuals who are hospitalized and experiencing the state of being in a coma. 

We will work on the internal energetic fields to bring the necessary configurations to remove the coma state and bring about the best health and functioning balance for the individual possible. 

In cases where the path is to transition, then we will move into Life/Death transition sessions. 

1 session minimum and as needed 


Are you feeling like you are living the same patterns and experiences without making much progress in your level of happiness, inner peace, and calm?


Do you sense that physically, mentally, and/or emotionally, if it is not one thing occurring to you, it's another and you're constantly jumping from one catalyst to another, leaving you feeling stuck and unable to move forward?


We’ll do deep work to move beyond the checkmating process you find yourself in. 


3 sessions minimum


Oh-so precious, completely intense, bewildering, and transformative down to the depths of our Soul, touching and eradicating the structures of our minds and emotions. Tearing down so briskly and passionately our foundation, to then propel and entice us to build and recreate ever so much more solid, so much more with awareness and so much more in alignment with higher knowledge and truth. 


This is not an easy task, particularly in our current society's fabric with the lack of understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and the denial of “Who We Are”, along with the ignorance of the processes that are part of and that belong to our nature.

If you feel or sense that you've entered that space and time of the Dark Night of the Soul, you've entered a beautiful particular moment and growth spurt in your evolution, which I call Spiritual Adolescence. Much understanding, information, knowledge, and guidance can be imparted as we work in our Metaphysical Life Coaching and Healing Sessions to obtain relief from the anguish, dread, tension, uneasiness, and apprehension one usually experiences during this time. 

4 sessions minimum


More and more people are experiencing and will continue to experience Kundalini Awakenings. Some experiences can be nice and easy, even undetectable to the conscious mind as to what is truly occurring on deep metaphysical levels. Other experiences can be very abrupt, powerful, and disturbing. The individual will grasp the very significant changes, but may still not understand or comprehend what is occurring to them, especially if this awakening leads to an initiation process or Spiritual Quarantine. 

Many times these strong awakenings can lead one to a psychiatrist or even a stay at the Psych Ward. In our sessions, the work is to delve into understanding the significance, the role, power and how to work with this magnificent creative, sexual and evolutionary Divine Primal Mother essence and force.

4 sessions minimum


We will work on clearing and assessing the Souls hunger for acceptance and integration of your Love Spirit back into your essence. This is well deep, heart chakra work, combined with Aura Clearing and Medicine Woman Ceremonial Healing.

4 sessions minimum


These sessions are for individuals who feel sexually incompatible in their body. The lack of ying/yang compatibility within the 7 different bodies of the Self, causes a lack of comfortable fitting within the complete unit of the Self. When this doesn’t add up, it causes a stark disparity within the individual.

This can be one of the most unhinged, rattling, and unsettling feelings, sensations, and emotions within the energetic body and between the emotional and mental bodies.

Acknowledging the discombobulation between the different levels and moving towards repair and alignment within these bodies can assist in finding the calm and peace within oneself that is so desperately sought. 

4 sessions minimum


Mother Earth is entering Spiritual Adolescence, and we, as her children are also waking up and entering this stage of growth.


Adolescence is a time of sexual awakening, and as such, the light configuration of the Age of Aquarius is opening the doors to previously hidden and occult higher Sexual Arts knowledge and learning.

These sessions are for men or women who are ready, desirous, eager to learn, and who seek to increase the harmony, alignment, vitality, ecstasy, Divinity, consciousness, and ying/yang energy balance for the student, the couple, and the relationship (Heterosexual).


We will work on balancing and navigating with wisdom, power, and love your romantic relationship, along with how to work this wonderful, powerful and grand aspect of Who We Are. 

4-month commitment and 2 sessions/month minimum  


These sessions are for men who have the determination, perseverance, and total resolution to move BEYOND the ingrained objective of ejaculation and instead want to truly focus on the work needed to become a Spiritual and metaphysical adept who strives for inner integration, unity with the Divine, cosmic conscious awareness, vitality, harmony, longevity, and health (heterosexual).


6-month commitment and 2 sessions/month minimum


​Improve the relationships in your life with your family, children, friends, significant other\spouse, coworkers, colleagues, boss, and acquaintances as you acknowledge, delve into, accept and transform the relationship with yourself.

4 sessions minimum

  • $125/hour for all sessions except: Life/Death Transition or Coma Sessions $175/Hr - $250/Hr

  • Group Sessions: Fees announced as Group Sessions are available. ​Join my MWS newsletter mailing list to receive announcements, event information, group session dates & fees, and other MWS info and happenings. Subscribe below.

  1. Cancellations

  • You must CALL minimum 12 hours before your session appointment to reschedule, otherwise, there will be a 50% non-refundable charge from your scheduled session. ​

  2.  Refunds

  • There are no refunds, except in Life/Death or Coma sessions. However, you can transfer any session credit to someone else.  

Session descriptions
Deepen & accelerate your Spiritual progress
Life/death transition
coma state
Feeling Stuck & Unable to Move Forward 
The Dark Night of the Soul
Kundalini Awakening 
Gender Identity Conflicts 
Sexual Arts: Tantric Lovemaking
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