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Sexual Arts: The Art of Flirting

Aug. 16, 2023

Not just for the early stage of courting in a relationship. Flirting can endure through the days and years of your time, dance, and life with your beloved. Let flirting with your significant other become the icing and simple, elegant, playful, silly, bonding, heartwarming touches to your day in and day out romance. In this article, Dominica presets some ideas for you to try in the realm of flirting. Enjoy

Dear Beloved Readers:

Within my sacred union is a story of deep listening to oneself and each other, being in the


joys of spending time together, sharing laughter, and sharing tears. There are many layers to intimacy, and within those layers is a web of connections that brings richness to our lives. My previous article explored the benefits of embracing vulnerability and tenderness through breast massage. I am sharing my insights to inspire the Art of Flirting in this edition. Through my experiences and studies, I have discovered the depth, humility, honesty, passion, and playfulness within my sacred union. I invite you to find your expressions with the help of this article for ideas to get you started.

Enticing your partner in ways that spark a loving excitement and desire between you is an art. Every interaction becomes an energy exchange, not just with our partners but with everyone. Be mindful and purposeful when you reach out to touch one another. Take the time to appreciate each other's company, slow down, and become fully present in the Here and Now. Imagine laughter filling the air; a simple touch sets your heart ablaze.


Have you heard the saying, "The eyes are windows to the Soul?" How we see ourselves significantly impacts how our gaze feels to others and how we think about another's gaze. Regular mirror work practice can be very beneficial for understanding our relationship with ourselves, others, and the One Creator. What feelings does it bring up? Can you see the dark and light within? Does your gaze convey tenderness and compassion?

Trying a gazing practice with your partner could be done anywhere and made as simple or ceremonial as you wish. Start by sitting or standing across from one another and looking into each other's eyes. Breathe. Take pleasure in the sensations and the truths brought to the surface. Allow it to be felt and expressed to one another. Allow the silence to be felt and heard between the two of you. Perhaps you may find it to be difficult not to giggle. Light will cascade into the relationship's container.


When your partner speaks, open your mind. Immerse yourself in their rhythm; depth is conveyed through words, inflections, facial expressions, and body language. You will find a door to the energy that elongates every second, breath, and blink of an eye. Thoughts are not present, nor are judgments. Everything becomes a sensation in every cell in our body. The soul animates with an open heart: desires, fantasies, and personal boundaries can be shown without fear of judgment. Listening is a skill practiced with oneself first and foremost. Then with others to become a master in becoming a lover that observes and opens mind and emotional space for one’s beloved.

There is such beauty in shared experiences. Those moments have the power to infuse relationships with a sense of sacredness. For instance, you could blindfold your partner during a meal you've prepared to enhance their enjoyment while they guess the flavors of each bite. Take walks in nature, immersing yourselves in the textures, scents, and sounds surrounding you; let your senses come alive. Engaging the senses creates a canvas for passion to manifest itself.


Start your day with touches, lingering gazes, or flirtatious loving messages. Focus on something other than the result; focus on the process, be in the moment, and delight in the energy exchange. Enjoy the feeling of being wanted and desired. Allow yourself to be captivated by the nuances within this dance. Make time for activities that awaken your inner child, whether playing games together, having a dance, or even engaging in a tickle fight under the covers. Embrace Who You Are, become aware of your fears, and be willing to face them with curiosity. When we do this, we are more conscious creators.

Embark on projects like crafting something or writing a poem that captures the essence of your unique connection. Another idea is planning a photo shoot to capture moments that epitomize the depth of your bond. Exploring creativity hand in hand sparks the imagination. Rediscover your bond by exploring making art, learning to dance, getting massages, or even trying some role-playing. Going deeper into our insecurities, and working through silliness and discomfort can be liberating individually and as a pair.

In essence, sacred sexuality is like a tapestry woven with Total Encompassing love, passion, connection, and joy. Watch the magic playfulness brings; let flirtation spark desire. Together create a space where Divine pleasure thrives. May your souls intertwine as you embark on shared experiences that bring laughter to your hearts. Wishing you love and thrilling adventures.

Warm regards,


MWS Apprentice


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