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Newsletter Greetings, July 2023

MWL Jun. 14, 2023

Warm mid-year greetings:

As the light configuration of the Age of Aquarius continues to augment and solidify with each passing day, feeling overwhelmed, sensing an increase in anxiety, or feeling as if one is going to mentally or emotionally collapse – even physically, will increase exponentially for many unless we have prepared ourselves from a mental level for these times.

Years ago, I wrote the following quote “Occasionally mentally deranged, but otherwise, I am fine." The "occasionally deranged" can increase to “frequently” and thus why it is important to learn about Who We Are, where we come from, where we are headed, and to understand that the “End of Ways” of this world is currently in process – a dismantling of sorts. Know we need not suffer, explode, or collapse over this natural evolutionary process. Yet, it is important to accumulate understanding, knowledge, the discipline for Self-Discovery, and to implement techniques that help with mental and emotional navigational skills for these times.

In this article, I discuss a few techniques that can help you navigate the increase in sensitivity that you may be experiencing, along with the mental and emotional pulls and tugs that occurs with our current increase in information and speed of change. These techniques assist in learning how to remove yourself from being pulled apart, falling apart, mental anguish/breakdown, mental/emotional/physical fatigue, and general pain, worry, and suffering.

You CAN make a conscious choice to sit in the eye of the hurricane – so let's dive into these techniques!

1. Diaphragm Breath - First and most essential is being aware of breath and being conscious that you are breathing properly. You are probably thinking, what do you mean by breathing properly? I'm breathing, isn't that enough? The answer is no, it is not enough nor optimum. It is important that you learn how to be conscious of breath and make sure that you are doing diaphragm breath. Click the button below for more information and an excellent YouTube video that explains how to breathe properly. Again, I repeat, breathing properly and being aware of breath is paramount for overall health, stability, and sanity.

2. The Here and the Now Excercise - The “Here and the Now Exercise” is the groundwork that provides the foundation upon which we can then build. It was taught to me early on by my mentor Dr. Arturo Estrada. This practice takes the concept of "being mindful and living in the moment” to an actual know-how experience. We must exert ourselves to divide our attention between 3 aspects: Being...

3. Pranayama Breath - This specific Pranayama Breath technique is used to build and increase energy, enthusiasm and calmness. This exercise assists in bringing stability, clarity,and fortification to one's body and mind by strengthening one’s ability to overcome fear, worry, anxiety and other heavy emotions. It also helps awaken consciousness and remember, consistency and dedication are the keys to awakening.

4. Beliefs: Our world is in a dismantling process, our physical bodies are changing on a cellular level, our mental and emotional bodies are going through a growth spurt and transformation of sorts, and our individual light configuration body complex is in the process of reconfiguring and re-establishing itself. For this reason, we must empty our cup-our Holy Grail-and commence an active, conscious process of rebuilding our personal truth as we each go through the Spiritual Adolescence process. Part of this process is to begin to let go and discard what is not in your highest good. Read the following article for more material on the subject.

5. Man-made EMFs: There is much to learn about the hazards of man-made EMFs. This includes magnetic, electric, and RF frequencies from cell phones, computers, Bluetooth, Smart devices, appliances, etc., and improper electric wiring. Scientific research and studies have shown quite a bit of disturbance occurs within our biology that can eventually produce an assortment of illnesses, some mysterious and unexplainable. In addition, it affects our mental, emotional, and electric bodies. Keep in mind that from a metaphysical level maintaining our vital energy and etheric body in balance are essential for our health. That's why becoming aware of the hazards and learning of solutions and safety measures are important and serious matters to take to heart.

For right now, I just want to focus on bringing to your attention that unexplainable anxiety, angst, nervousness, muscle pain, and fatigue can be from over-exposure to these unrecognizable (by our bodies) frequencies. I repeat, various scientific research studies have demonstrated that these invisible and silent frequencies are causing a variety of illnesses and disturbances and many levels, so it is important to learn how to protect oneself in a world bombarded with these man-made frequencies.

Click on the following Covid article to read more about EMFs and to view various links that will introduce you to more in-depth information and help you further understand this subject, and learn how to protect yourself.

6. Laughter - last one on the list for today, yet so worthy and a very much needed

ingredient, is the ability to laugh and to have a sense of humor. Click the following button to view some funny videos that will get you started laughing.


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